In the beginning….

Well, the astute among will have noticed that this is a blog, if you’ve noticed that, you’re probably also wondering why I’ve started a blog, and if that’s you then that makes two of us!

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure where, if anywhere, this blog is going to go, but as some of you will know, I’ve recently started my own business, Lacey Architectural Services, and so I guess I’m going to use it to tell you about that and the general goings on in Architecture and Architectural Technology.

So, a bit about me…. My name is Zak Lacey, Zak is a fairly unusual name, that most people seem compelled to spell with a c, and, growing up in the eighties, it seemed to be a popular name for dogs…”Hi, my name is Zak” “oh yeah, my dog is called Zac.” “Brilliant, cheers”. Fortunately I’ve gotten over all that and am not bitter at all! I’m 34 years old, married to the amazing Helen, we have two sons, Isaac (nearly 3) and Caleb (8 months). We also have two cats, Chaz and Dave. I’m a Chartered Architectural Technologist, I work full time for a firm of Architects and I’m part of the leadership team at Verwood Family Church.

So my life is fairly full, although not full enough apparently. About 4 month ago I decided that in the middle of the severest recession in living memory to start my own Architecture business. What could possibly go wrong?

So that’s where are really, a few months in and things are actually looking pretty good. Some big decisions to make in the not to distant future, but generally it’s going well! Stick around and see what happens!

Also, don’t forget to have a look at my new website, designed and built by Ben Davidson of milk is nice.



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