Architectural Technothingy

“So what is an Architectural Technothingy then?” “Is it the same as an Architect?”are questions I’ve become quite accustomed to hearing, and ones I intend to briefly answer today…

CIAT describe Architectural Technologists thus: a specialist in the science and technology of architecture, building design and construction… to set up [their] own practice and provide a full architectural design service to the public and other clients.

So isn’t that pretty much the same as an Architect?

Well, yes, kind of…

The line between Architect and Technologist is very blurred, and there is much overlap. One football based analogy I use is that if you imagine the roles a centre forward and an attacking midfielder play, unless you know the game very well it can seem that they do much the same thing, almost interchangeably, but there are some differences.

The main difference in my opinion is philosophical. How do we approach the design and construction of buildings? Well broadly speaking, an Architect is an artist and a Technologist specialises in the technology and science of construction. Indeed, if you do a degree in Architecture, then you’re awarded a BA and if you do Architectural Technology you get a Bsc.

So, in real terms what does that look like?

Well, broadly, an Architect will approach the design of a building with it’s form (what it looks like) in the forefront of his mind, and a Technologist will be more concerned with it’s function, (how it works, both practically for the end user, and construction wise).

It’s worth pointing out, the above is very broad and I don’t wish to do a disservice to anyone, of course, there are Architects who are very practically minded and Technologists who are very sharp design wise, but in my experience, that seems to be the main difference.

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