I might be a wanted man

I reckon I’ve robbed PC world.

A few days ago I went to PC world to buy a new printer. I went for the Brother blah blah blah blah one. (I can’t be bothered to look up the actual model number, and if you’re honest, you’re not that fussed anyway…) Essentially it’s a small business printer that can print A3, I need an A3 printer because I tend to most of my drawings at A3 – I tend to do most of my drawings at A3 because I can’t afford the thousands of pounds it costs to buy a proper wide format printer, but that’s another, equally dull story.

Anyway, back to PC world. I got the printer at a reduced price of £100 from about £180 because Brother have apparently brought out a newer model that does exactly the same thing, and looks remarkably similar to the one I bought.

When I got to the till to pay for it, the unusually friendly and helpful assistant, asked if I wanted to spend an extra £20 on a 3 year any reason, instant replacement warranty. Normally, being the discerning chap I am, I immediately say no to this kind of warranty talk, but, given his aforementioned helpful friendliness I decided to give him a chance.

He explained that now that so many people shop online, PC world are struggling to compete price wise so in order to survive they’ve had to start offering much better service, and that part of that is to offer this “whatever happens” warranty. Basically, if at any point in the next three years my printer stops working for ANY reason I just take it back and they replace it no questions asked.

Too good to be true, I thought and quizzed him some more, but from what I could tell, and from reading the bumf he gave me, it really does appear that if this printer stops working they give me a new one, end of, and, because the printer I’ve bought has now gone out of manufacture, they give you the latest version.

He then went on to tell me that these types of printers are only really designed to last 2 years anyway, so for £120 I’ve got this printer for the next two years ’til it gives up and then they give me a brand spanking new one. Like I said, I walked out feeling like I’d robbed them!

That can’t be bad, can it? Can it????



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